Are you clear of violations?

For most businesses, the answer isn’t always clear.  OSHA safety standards are complex and confusing!  Add the layers of federal, state and local laws specific to your industry, and you need a full-time team to make sure you stay in compliance.

Good news – we’re that team, and we make things really easy for you.

OSS deploys a team of experts to review your business.  It’s easy, confidential, and features an evaluation of the safety training requirements specific to your industry, a review of your site or workplace OSHA compliance, and a plan for how to keep your staff properly certified and how to create a healthier workplace and smarter workforce.


     Safety Training Reviews

A single OSS Training Review is typically sufficient in identifying a 6 to 12 month program that will keep your organization and employees properly certified.
A certified Workplace Health and Safety Trainer will be assigned to your business to evaluate your organization’s requirements, and develop a plan to keep your personnel safe and your business violation-free.
Our experts have deep domain experience with OSHA, EPA, and DOT regulations.

     OSHA Compliance Reviews

An OSHA Compliance Review translates the complex regulatory structure of your industry into relevant terms for your business.
OSS will assign a certified Workplace Health and Safety Auditor to evaluate your workplace, construction site, or place of operations to determine your level of compliance with all health and safety regulations – providing you with a detailed report and recommendations.
While there is no standard OSHA Compliance Review, a typical inspection will focus on the following:

Chemical Storage & Safety
Compressed Air & Compressed Gases
Electrical Safety
Fire Prevention & Protection
General & Miscellaneous Safety
Hazardous Waste & Materials Disposal
Manuals, Training, SOP, MSDSs, & Occupational Health Programs
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Equipment & Emergency Preparedness
Work Environment & Indoor Air Quality